Friday, March 15, 2013

Jazz Phones

Ethan on the Jazz Bass:
Squier (Fender's Indonesia-made cheap brand) makes the Classic Vibe and Vintage Modified Jazz Basses.  It's pretty much a '60's reissue with cheaper...  um...  everything.  Wood, electronics, hardware, the works.  Funny thing is, they play really well and sound pretty good.  With upgraded pickups, they sound great.  They're pretty inexpensive.  A lot of pros are using them as reliable back-up basses.
A step up would be the "Highway One" series from Fender or the "Roadworn" series.  Both Mexican-made, and both really good basses right out of the gate.  No mods necessary.  Both can be found used for good prices.
In the fantasy world I live in there are some good, isolating, flat, wide frequency-response headphones with a boom microphone on them. And they're cheap. It's my fantasy world and I can have anything I want there darn it!
There's the AKG 271's. There are the AT BPHS1's. The AKG's are interesting because the mics turn off when the mics are flipped "up".
The Mouse wears headphones.

Otherwise you're gonna need to insert a mic mute footswitch.

I don't know. All the options are expensive once you've priced them together with options, etc.
Eric has some very boss Fostex headphones at Trax East. I like heavy-duty headphones because people are always dropping and kicking my headphones.

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