Tuesday, March 19, 2013

ICBINS, iDrive, Insurrection

Julia Rae Maldonado's theater company, ICBINS, has an open submission for their reading series. Submit! (And note there's no fee.)
  • With iDrive, if you have the situation that happened to us where an external drive dies and you get a new drive and name it the same as the old drive, you can restore to that drive and iDrive will pretend it's the same external drive as it was backing up before. So you get to keep incremental backups rather than re-backing-up the whole thing. This saves much time and hassle. 
  • We use Neoscene. It had stopped working so I downloaded the latest version of Neoscene. I had trouble with interlace-y jaggy edges. I read the directions. Turns out that shutting off the by-default-checked "filter 420 to 422" box should be unchecked for us.

The Queen of Mars in Android Insurrection. Well, the character she played was much more grim than this. But you get the idea.

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