Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Big Bucks

I just spent $720 on new glasses.
Why would you spend so much on glasses?
I know, they're just my eyes, right? I mean what do I use them for?
I got my glasses for 99 cents at a hardware store under a mulch pit.
Bully for you.
And you'll probably only have that same prescription for, like, two years.
The lenses were about $400.
So that's, like, $16 a month just to have fancy-pants progressive lenses.
And then the frames will just get broken.
I've had the frames to my reading glasses for 7 years now.
I guess you're really proud of yourself.
I am.
Why don't you use the same frames for your new glasses?
I thought of that, but I wanted somewhat bigger lenses and those frames wouldn't handle progressives anyway.

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