Friday, March 15, 2013

Things What Was and Will Be

You know, what with Google shutting down Reader I become more afeared of letting Google run so much of my life. Right now documents, email, and these blogs are all on Google products. If they shut them down it would really suck trying to get them going again on different services.

But that's not what's important. No, of course not. What's important is this poll.

That's right. Vote. Like a baby stoat. What color should my hair be for the next movie? This is probably the most important vote you will cast in your entire life. Unless you live in the United States, where the most important vote you'll get is for county comptroller.
Click through to the blog (if you see this in a reader like the ill-fated Google Reader, or if you're reading from an email). Then vote.
Ha! It's set up so that only one vote per computer/IP address is valid. That doesn't mean you can't go to another computer or another network though. ;-)
UPDATE: poll closed. The People have spoken.

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