Friday, November 27, 2009

I Don't Know, It's a Mystery

You know what has a brilliant screenplay? Shakespeare in Love. When you're writing about a writer you have an enormous gun pointed at your head with the words "This is going to be boring and pretentious" inscribed on the bullet.

And somehow they managed to make it not only not suck, but make it good. Part of what I marvel about it is how it might have been so freakin' heavy-handed. Sure, there is some of this kind of dialog: "Who's that?" "Nobody, he's the author." Ha HA!

Romeo and Juliet, what a brilliant logline: A young man, perpetually in love, falls for the daughter of his family's enemy. Come on. That's awesome.

Die Hard has a great script too.

This is what happens when I stay at my parents and have too much cable TV.

Why does Shakespeare in Love seem so much like A Fish Called Wanda?

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