Friday, November 20, 2009

Today's News

Here's a still of Angela Funk as Rachel, and another of David Ian Lee as Raglan, in Clonehunter.

Today, now that we have a new (and earlier) deadline to be finished with Clonehunter, has been "figure out exactly what we need to be doing" day. We do have quite a few more visual effects shots to have complete by the end of December. And to make life more interesting, Maduka will be leaving mid-December for Geneva.

I believe the whole picture is color-corrected. I have beliefs like that. We have a mix of every act except for Act 4 (we're waiting on the music from Sam Reising) and Act 8 (waiting on music from Drake Sherman and sound effects from David Frey.)

In other exciting news Ian Hubert will be working on visual effects and creating our city flythroughs.

Fish. Artist and sculptor extraordinaire.

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