Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Too Much Information

Never thought I'd make a movie with this kind of image! But this is the background to the Kit Kat Klub in Clonehunter:

Ted Hope has "Twenty New Rules: what we all MUST TRY to do prior to shooting". Well, I dunno if we all must try 'em. Nobody's gotten these "rules" to work consistently up until now certainly. But the notion of starting with 5000 fans seems like a fairly good one.

Zoe Keating complains about being a rock star. I don't know -- if you're not getting enough sleep how about you cut out the party on the bus? Ironically, she skips over the part about being a rock star which is actually hard -- when you front a band you're also dragged into all the publicity -- so you gotta be up at 5am to get to the drive-time radio shows in the city you just showed up in, in order to promote your show later that night. Then you go on to do whatever other publicity-oriented things you have to do before all the rest of the stuff on her daily pie chart.

And granted, all the touring I've done has been pretty luxurious. Three-week sit-downs with a private hotel room and per diem can be pretty nice.

I took a Chakra test online. Gotta open up them Root and Crown Chakras. I'll get a Kyanite stone and balance that right out.

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