Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Starting a Fad

The AFM has fewer sellers this year than last and more buyers this year than last. On our side of reality that's a goode thinge. If the number of producers really is contracting, we might be OK.

The thing for us is that although there's a "guaranteed" market for sci-fi, it's a relatively small market. Relatively small compared to the market it takes to run a cable TV channel, for instance.

I'm starting a fad. C'mon everybody, use your blog for notes. What? Did your mommy say you couldn't use your blog as an Internet notebook?

Here's another amazing piece of artwork from the talented Rudolf Herczog.


Chance Shirley said...

Man, I hope that movie supply/demand thing holds up till I finally try to sell Interplanetary.

And I hope you guys get some sales at AFM for Pandora Machine flicks!

Andrew Bellware said...


The theory we've been operating on is that eventually the market has to stop dropping. After all, hasn't Blockbuster stabilized?

Interplanetary is gonna sell great -- it's a terrific picture!

Cunningham said...

Uh, no. The studios and Hollywood are going to contract further and further. More people are going to lose their jobs.

You will need to cultivate an audience amongst those buyers so they know who YOU are not just the distributor repping your movies (because they aren't long for this world)

Re: Photo - is that a gossamer winged thief I see leaping from perch to perch?

Andrew Bellware said...

Well the fewer and fewer producers there are, the better and better it is for us! ;-)

The buyers do know us. We know that 'cause of whenever they complain about how ain't giving them exactly the thing we did last time! ;-)

I don't think that any part of the industry is disappearing though, certainly not quickly. But I got a whole 'nuther post on my thoughts of post-whatever-business.