Wednesday, November 11, 2009

To Done

I'm having a kind of Angela Funk fetish-y day.

On Clonehunter: we're trying to complete all the effects which aren't flythroughs of the city as soon as possible. Just completed act 6 in that regard.

Apparently the effects order in Final Cut Pro is from top to bottom. I read that in a comment on a YouTube video so it must be true.

Some people are so nuts they put anamorphic adapters on the Panasonic GH1. I have no idea how those things fit.

The Magnum Edit Detector is freakin' awesome. Shamefully I'll admit I didn't pay anything to download it. And they only ask for $20. I'll pay later today. It works great. When you want to bring in a piece of footage in an After Effects composition, but need it split up scene-by-scene, this is the script to run. I couldn't even practice guitar it went so fast (that's my excuse for not practicing though).

Oh look, I just did a pass on act 2 -- all effects are in, sans the city flybys. And act 1 is done (sans city flythroughs, there was one missing cat but I took the footage from the previous cat shot, we'll see if Maduka discovers I did that and yells at me.) And now act 3 is done.

My favorite compositing tool in After Effects is the ability to bring the exposure up in the preview window. You can really see what you're doing with that thing.

Lookit me, I'm avoiding work.

OK, act 4 done (w/o city flythroughs). I'm starting act 5 but there's a hugenormous bluescreen section right at the top and I don't want to deal with it right now. So there!

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