Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Solar Powered Dolphin Safe Hemp Stove

Via Ato Essandoh.

Wow. Author (and college classmate of our producer, the Queen of Mars) John Scalzi gets 45,000 unique hits a day.

I've often wondered what the deal was with child car seats. Apparently, after the kid is 2 years old, not a whole heck of a lot.

Avary reminds me why I never want to drive.

OK, so the left is just as perfectly capable of being nuts as the right is. Case in point is this Socialist Worker rant about Thanksgiving.

"What children learn is the overarching message--that Pilgrims were everything good about America: European, Christian, sober, democratic, generous, God-fearing, and so on and so forth."

What? No. What children learn is that without the Indians all the Pilgrims would have been dead.

Sure, I'm 44-years-old and I went to a public elementary school in Metuchen, NJ. But that was the message that came across even then.

Gimei Design in Germany has some free explosions and such for download. They have lots of textures too. Oh and inkdrop samples from their DVD.

Teen Chat Decoder. What your 14-year-old's cat is really saying... Or what your 14-year-old cat is really saying. I don't know. My French isn't that good.

Oh and dude -- 18 minutes into this tutorial, Andrew Kramer has the most amazing way to animate a sky replacement in After Effects.

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we fire up our WaterSpoon DVD with all INK Drop Clips in HDV. Have a lot of fun !