Saturday, November 28, 2009

Weather, Masks, and Targets

Tom Rowen and David Ian Lee as Gulliver-9 and Raglan in Clonehunter.

The weather where you are. No extraneous advertising or anything.

Interesting masks.

Now here's something that'll be very boring to you unless you're trying to make AfterEffects work in your life: Sure Target, a free plugin coming from This script will automate a lot of camera things which otherwise are a pain to do by hand.


Lindsay Stewart said...

Really looking forward to the update on Sure Target. This will be the third generation of the plug in with some smart fixes and streamlining. Andrew Kramer and the Video Copilot gang all rawk. And wait until the lens flare app lands.

Andrew Bellware said...

3D lens flares are going to make a HUGE difference for us. There's gonna me "Star Trek" flares everywhere! ;=)