Tuesday, July 20, 2010


In the indy film world, Blockbuster has really done us well. Netflix? Not so much (as this article from my distributor shows.) So don't hope for the end of Blockbuster, they're the only ones on our side out there.

The clonehuntermovie.com site is getting improved with much help from my sister, who has less fear of the web than I do. Maybe it's not as much "adamant apathy" as I do. In any case, the site is getting better.

Ooh, remember Solar Vengeance? We just got a Thailand sale. It's a small sale (Thailand ain't too big) but it's kind of neat so see their artwork. And as (I think) I pointed out earlier, Clonehunter will be on DVD in Japan in (I'm guessing) about four months.

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