Monday, July 05, 2010


Brian pointed out once that the movie Alien used milk crates to make their flooring. Milk crates have a lot of advantages -- light weight and quiet (especially when compared to metal grating).

One interesting idea is that if you don't cut them down they'll be good for lifting your floor up -- so you can underlight or put a camera down there, etc.

The Container Store has square ones (13" x 13") for ten bucks (that's 59 cents per square inch). Advantage Grip has the 19" by 13" for $18 (about 73 cents a square inch).

Filmtools has half-size milk crates for $18.50.

Bread trays are 28 1/2" by 25" and are $19.20 from Melmat. (That's about 27 cents a square inch.)

This picture shows a 2-foot square flooring thing that Home Depot has. It has a tongue-and-groove system for putting them together. They're $5.97 each.


DAVID FREY said...

Starbucks leaves dozens of milk crates outside all the time, meaning it would be $0.00 per square inch. If someone were to borrow them that is.

my only question is how you keep the crates from flewing. Their a little flimsy.

Andrew Bellware said...

Ha! Yes, I didn't include the criminal enterprise method of attaining milk crates.

And the flimsiness of them is possibly what keeps us from stealing them. Then again, if a dozen of them showed up at my door I probably wouldn't question it. Because I'm morally and ethically questionable myself.

Right now the bread trays are looking like the best bet.