Thursday, July 29, 2010

Where Does It All Go?

Amplates makes custom logo plates for amplifiers.

Filevo is a new bittorrent service.

The Edana is a very beautiful JTM45 from Celtic Amps. I should have one, in a beautiful Cherry cabinet. I should, shouldn't I? Yes. Yes I should.

Marsh Amplification also makes a JTM45 (using Heyboer transformers -- I wonder how those Heyboers are compared to the Metro Amp transformers, which are also made by Heyboer?)

Are you curious about what kind of watch Obama wears? Would you like your curiosity completely and irrevocably sated? Then click away and find out why you need to get a close friend in a Secret Service agent to get a watch like his.

You're wondering where our costume budget goes, aren't you? Coveralls are $3.55 a piece at Lab Safety Supply.

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Laura, Queen of Mars said...

Lab Safety Supply is the best mailing list to be on.