Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Massage the Geeks for 90 Days

Had an interesting conversation today. Blockbuster took no pictures without "name" talent in them this month. Which included a lot of big-budget pictures. Unfortunately it also included Clonehunter. They do, however, have a decent number of copies for on-line rental and (maybe?) kiosks.

Number we've been hearing from video-on-demand: you're doing pretty well to sell to a VOD service for $500 for a 4-month window. There are maybe 5 big VOD companies. So if you do four out of five of them, and they each take the picture for a year, you're looking at what, six thousand dollars for the year from North American VOD?

So of course things are miserable for the indy producer right now. One thought is to get the visual effects up to grade and hit the kind of sci-fi/genre blogs and "press" who would be most interested -- starting about 90 days before the release date in order to get enough time for the press to come out and (hopefully) convince outlets like Blockbuster and Netflix to carry the picture.
Should we shoot 720p with a 4:2:2 colorspace? Color banding artifacts are the thing which annoy me the most nowadays, so maybe it's a good idea.
Sendspace is a large-file sharing and sending thing which works like YouSendIt but the free service has larger file limits.
Because doing one's own research is redundant, here's the Project London PR-list of places to send press releases to.
How is it that there's no www.nakedgirloftheday.com ? It's like I'm not even on the Internet for cryin' out loud.
Ignore my notes at the bottom.

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critic list
4-mo window for $500 is good from a service - you get 4 our of 5? 240 orders Blockbuster

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