Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mozz and Metal

You kinda have to see the new Mozz Mendez play "Billy Carver and the Children of the Mind". Go ahead, buy your tickets now. I'll wait.

And not just because it has a Pandora Machine joke (and a Save the Cat joke) built into it.

Nope, it's just really well-written, directed, and acted. If you think that "Wolf Virginia Woolfe" (a werewolf novel) is funny, then well you're right. It's funny. And it's in "Billy Carver".

And it's also an excellent use of our space at Theatresource. The design and the blocking are fabulous ( even if the space is set up as "audience on two sides" which is a setup I do not approve of ;-). .*

Yeah, speaking of Rammstein.

I always forget if it's "i before e" or the other way around in German.

Oh, and more metal for you, Meytalcohen. Why do the same parts always seem so much easier on violin than guitar? Perhaps it's 'cause the violin can naturally play faster? It's not like violin is easier to learn than guitar -- not by far. So I dunno.

*Audience belongs on ONE SIDE!

Update! Appropriate art!


LILT said...
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LILT said...

Where 'e' and 'i' are concerned, the 'eye' sound in German is 'ei'. The 'ee' sound is 'ie'. A trick to remember it is to put the letter that the combination sounds like second. EI has the letter I second, and thus is pronounced like the letter I. IE sounds like the letter 'E'.