Tuesday, July 06, 2010

One By Three; Swedes

My friend Ed McNamee, who has a lot of set-building experience, is talking me into building our sets from 1x3 "ferring" (sp?) strips. We'll need to use triangles of masonite to put the frames together and it seems that the pneumatic staplegun at Theatresource is, at best, in pieces, but that's the way my mind is headed. We have exactly 10 days to start actually having some sets in place and ready-to-go for Earthkiller.
Amazon is selling Hagstrom Swedes for less than $430 (including shipping.) That's less than you can get 'em off of eBay. My birthday is coming up you know... Of course, what I should get is a Trinity 15 kit with chokes and tubes.

Clay Shirky cracks me up. From an interview here.

On optimism: "If we took the loopiest, most moonbeam-addled Californian utopian internet bullshit, and held it up against the most cynical, realpolitik-inflected scepticism, the Californian bullshit would still be a better predictor of the future. Which is to say that, if in 1994 you'd wanted to understand what our lives would be like right now, you'd still be better off reading a single copy of Wired magazine published in that year than all of the sceptical literature published ever since."

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