Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hope the Methane Bubble Doesn't Get Us

The problem with this blog is that I'm simply incapable of staying on-topic.

If I wrote a blog about "how to be a filmmaker full-time" and wrote posts about the "10 things you should be doing right now". I'd get a lot of traffic. I'd spew a lot of BS too. But instead:

My sister has an alligator problem out where she lives.

QOTD: "Dogs have owners, cats have staff."

Two days 'till we begin shooting Earthkiller.

Today is about contracts, makeup tests*, fight choreography, and getting the camera and such to set. I can't (as of right this minute) make it to all these things.

Oh, and our schedule is still a mess. We have to stretch this picture out more than I want to -- over more months than I want to -- in order to do a 19-day shoot. Maybe I should just say "feh" and do a 12-day schedule?

And then? And then I'm back to looking at gig bags. The iGig Cases are just fantastic. And at a decent price too. They have lots and lots of room.


*Not tests which were given earlier but you couldn't make it to. It... er... nevermind.


Kangas said...

That's a cool picture. What's it from?

Andrew Bellware said...

I have no idea. The Internet. Somehow. ;-)