Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Four Images of Helen

The fabulous Robin Kurtz.

Here are closeups of Helen in Earthkiller. We're moving her "look" from a very cool android at the beginning of the movie, to this sort of look, to a natural look by the end of the picture.

I think her lipstick could be more blue. Indeed, why is she so red? These aren't color-corrected -- I bet it's the fluorescent lights mixed with the incandescents.

More Clonehunter from Pulpmovies.

Colorista II is coming. We use Colorista all the time.

Clonehunter from Quiet Earth (which is one of my favorite names of a website and a movie.)

David Frey hacked a loupe for his DSLR. You should too.

IndieFilmChat (which you might think is about a cat who doesn't work for the studio system but isn't) on Clonehunter.

Ooh, David has video up of his loupe hack.

What am I going to do when this blog runs out of space? Right now I'm using 72% of the space Google gives us for images. Do I just go to my own Wordpress blog?

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