Friday, July 23, 2010

Guitar Friday Obnoxioustude

I'm really hands down the most obnoxious guitarist ever. And it's not just because I set up two amps on either side of the drum kit. Shockingly, no. It's because I reached over and turned up the volume on Ethan's bass rig in the middle of a song.

It turns out it was way the wrong volume knob on the GK amp, so I got yelled at "Nooooo!!! That's the "fart" knob!" he shouted as the bass sound went "pfblahtt".

Egads! Just as I was about to buy a Metroamp JTM-45 (that I can't afford), George Metropoulos has gone and closed the store! Presumably they'll open again in a couple weeks.

Arie Uyterlinde is playing keys with us now!

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