Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Official Tyrannosaurus Mouse T-shirts

Tyrannosaurus Mouse - Color Mouse T-shirt from Zazzle.com The Zazzle shirts, which look best in dark brown or cranberry, are the favorites of Ethan and Lou.

Me? I prefer the somewhat smaller logo on the Spreadshirt shirts. Again, you can order them in any color you like.

You know, earlier I was worried about the scratchyness of these T-shirts. But as it turns out all t-shirts are skritchy 'till you wash them the first time. So now I'm more than satisfied with the quality from both Zazzle and Spreadshirt. And the other odd thing is that one seems to not be able to predict exactly what brand of shirt one will get when one actually gets a shirt. But they all seem to be nice heavy-weight shirts.

Here is the delicious and tastefully adorned Amelia Campbell modeling the Spreadshirt version (XL, brown). Note: Tyrannosaurus Mouse T-shirts do not come with Amelia.

SPECIAL OFFER. Yes! These Tyrannosaurus Mouse T-shirts are being sold AT COST until we (the band) figure out how we're going to divvy up the big, big, bucks we're going to be making from T-shirt sales. So get yours today before we make that decision and ROCK you for the price of your own Tyrannosaurus Mouse T-shirt.

Order early, order often!


Chance Shirley said...

Thanks for the T-shirt tips! Maybe I'll finally get around to making some Interplanetary T-shirts...

Andrew Bellware said...

Ooh, I would so buy an Interplanetary T-shirt.