Thursday, July 08, 2010

King of One Microphone

David Frey on Indy Filmmaking.

Discoveries made with Tyrannosaurus Mouse:
We are, much to our consternation, a jam band. How can we tell? How about when a pop song comes in at 14 minutes? Yup, that's pretty much the diacritical mark. Don't worry, we're getting over it.

We probably need guests artists, maybe a flute player (if we get one, we'll likely have to feed her.)

We certainly need piano and Hammond.

And yes, "A Major Thing" isn't a big deal, it's just in A major. Our drummer, Lou, showed up in the middle of Ethan and me playing around with it.

Funny, these recordings actually sound pretty good. It's just a cheap, good, Rode NT1-a going into a Sound Devices 702. In post I added some compression. Actually, the kick is too clicky for my taste. But I'm surprised at how good we sound with just the one mic (I'm playing both a Peavey 50-watt and a reissue Fender Twin). Back in the day I found myself doing a lot of work with only one microphone and whenever something worked nicely I'd joke I was the "King of One Microphone".

My other big fantasy is that perhaps we should do at least one song in French. A language I don't know.

Note that unless you're actually a member of the band these recordings aren't that interesting. They're rehearsals of structural ideas and missing significant instrumentation and used primarily for our reference.

<a href="">Failed Bitonal Experiment by Tyrannosaurus Mouse</a>


DAVID FREY said...

Thanks for the shout Drew. I like jam bands. More live then in records, but i still like them on CD too.

Andrew Bellware said...

When we're on a record just pretend we're a "psychedelic" outfit and you'll be just fine. ;-)