Thursday, November 18, 2010

Just a Few Minutes

Lots of relatives over the last couple weeks. It's been fun. Apartment likes that sort of thing.

OK, so August is over and all of a sudden we don't hear anything about the Ground Zero Mosque anymore. It's like August is crazy month and the echoes of the crazy get shorter each time. Two summers ago it was all "Obama is a foreigner" and the birther movement, then last summer it was "death panels", this summer it was "Ground Zero Mosque". The birthers held on for almost a year. They were still squeaking when "death panels" came up. But the Ground Zero Mosque movement died out with the falling of the first leaf.

I don't seem to have any hot water. I do, however, have a very cold (and clean) right foot from standing in the shower waiting for the water to become warm. It didn't. I'm gonna wait a few minutes.

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