Saturday, November 20, 2010

Did you say you wanted more behind-the-scenes from Earthkiller?

Robin Kurtz and Katie Hannigan do a walk-and-talk, Andrew Bellware on camera, I'll presume the Queen of Mars on boom. EDIT: actually, that's David Frey on boom. I thought the ring on the finger indicated QOM, but no, it's the sexy, sexy David Frey.

Robin Kurtz looking through a back-lit door. I'm on camera.

Robin Kurtz (looking really excited to be here) waits while Andrew Bellware shoots Katie Hannigan's entrance.

Here I look like I'm directing but I assure you I'm only saying "Your character is the only smart one, everyone else is just one of a bunch of idiots" because I said that to every actor. Alaina Hammond, Maduka Steady, Andrew Bellware, and Nat Cassidy.

It looks like the drugs we were piping through the ventilation system have kicked in. Maduka Steady, Lucy Rayner, and Nat Cassidy.


DAVID FREY said...

God, I have to work out more, or grow more arm hair. I'm pretty sure that's my arm holding the boom

Andrew Bellware said...

Re-looking at that, you're right. It's David Frey on boom. Sexy, sexy, David Frey.

Jason said...

Quick question related to the guns you use in your movies. I know you guys use a lot of repainted Nerf guns.

My big question is how you handle that repainting. Do you just toss 'em down on a tarp and hit the things with some plastic-adhering spraypaint, or do you actually take them apart and put them back together and do it "right"?

Andrew Bellware said...

Brian Schiavo at repainted/modded all the guns. I believe he strips 'em and sands 'em and does everything right so the edges are worn and "aged" before putting them back together.