Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cat News

I'm sure you're wondering "Why no pictures of the black cat?" Well he's been feeling poorly of late. He hates those awful sulphur baths the vet puts him through, but we need to take him like four more times to clear up his skin condition. Poor fellow was in a cage in a shelter for at least a month before we got him. He does, on the other hand, occasionally run around with Meydl and the other day my sister saw him licking Pushkin's head.
In any case, he mostly sits in a little cat ball on one of the couches in my parents' livingroom. It's just not that photogenic because he's an inky black puddle of cat when he does that. In fact, normally my parents can't see him at all when he's being a cat doughnut.
Pushkin is less than pleased with the new cable box. He barfed on the old one, shorting it out. I think he's done that to at least six other cable boxes. And that's no hyperbole. In any case, the new box has no vents on the top as a consequence of it running much cooler than the old cable boxes. Which makes it a much less pleasant place for a kitty. I told my mom we should put a heating pad on top of the box for Pushkin. She managed to nix that idea without saying any words out loud.

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