Sunday, December 26, 2010

What I Got For Christmas

Funny, nobody checked my Wish List on Amazon and got me a Hughes Kettner Rotosphere MKII

Or a Royer 121 ribbon microphone.

Instead, almost all my gifts serviced a drinking habit. From a stainless steel flask to a blender for mixing fruity drinks and a bottle of Absolut, I'm  ready! Way to go, enabling family! ;-)
Truthfully, I got other people things to drink. I bought my brother-in-law a fine Blanton's Bourbon. I'm not a whiskey drinker but that kind of bourbon could change my mind.
But the big win seems to be getting my dad an iPad. The big deal is that he can read the text in the Kindle app at the 2nd-to-largest setting -- without a magnifying glass -- which means he can read books with it. That's very exciting. We got him the Foote Civil war series (actually, we only got him the 2nd volume because for whatever reason volumes 1 and 3 aren't available 'till March or some such).
Now everyone is snowed in but comfy (I mean, as comfy as we can be without any orange juice.)
This Japanese cat has a blog.

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