Thursday, December 23, 2010

Your Pandora Machine links

Well, this maybe belongs on the Pandora Machine blog. But it's not there. It's here. I published to the wrong blog. I'm over it.
I thought this was a very smart quote. From the Complications Ensue blog:
A TV show is, fundamentally, about the sort of things that happen to your characters every day. They may be extraordinary things, but then your characters are people to whom extraordinary things happen every day.

A movie is, fundamentally, about the most remarkable time in the character's life.The turning point, the moment they change, the time they face their greatest challenge.

And the Unknown Screenwriter is back. (H/T to Josh James). I have zero idea how to follow his RSS feed. Can it be done?

And via Lost in Schlock, miniatures by Lori Nix, plus also Steve Wang creates monster suits.

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