Thursday, December 09, 2010

Tyrannosaurus Mouse Amplifier

Scott Fitzpatrick at Celtic Amps is finishing up the Tyrannosaurus Mouse Edana amplifier.
The back of the amp. The "bitchy/sweet" switch amuses me. You'll note this JTM45 clone can drive 4, 8, or 16 ohms.
I'm really looking forward to playing this amp. Over the last two years I've gotten better at electric guitar. Playing with the guys in T-mouse will do that to a feller.
Pretty, pretty tubes behind the grill. KT66 power tubes are BIG.
I can't wait to get this amp fired up. It'll be ready none-too-soon neither. The time has come to play some soaring guitar leads for our album.
I love the design of Scott's badge, but he's suggesting that the wood it too beautiful to put the badge on.
I know I'm going to keep going back-and-forth between which amp gets the 12" Celestion alnico blue and which gets the 10" Weber.


Dave said...

Are there any available sound samples from T-Mouse?

Andrew Bellware said...

There are now! ;-)