Friday, December 10, 2010

Damp Cat

I'm reading Dan Abnett's "Ravenor" omnibus, which is a trilogy in the Warhammer 40,000 series (because, apparently, I just can't stop reading them.) It's by far the best of the Warhammer novels I've read.
Meydl. Silly cat.
One thing which amuses me is his use of language by creating new slang which doesn't mess up the readability too much. I'm making a list of some of my favorite words and phrases. I expect that some of them might be actual modern-day British slang I'm unfamiliar with. But I dunno. I'll probably add to this list just so I can keep it around.
smile-girl = party girl. Originally I thought it meant "prostitute" but apparently that's not the nuance, it's mostly upper class women who are what we might call "fameballs" now.
twist = mutant. I think this is the best slang term for "mutant" ever. I'm totally stealing it for my personal use.
hammer = hired muscle, untrained mercenaries like you'd find in a gang
fleck = a kind of drug which comes in little glass-like flakes
gladstones = psi-narcotic stones which you hold and get you high
grin = noun, a drug. "A couple clansters were looking to lax out on some grin before the show."

Today I had a meeting about the movie business. It involved a lot of alcohol. If only we had cats in the studio it would have also involved cats. But meetings about business (especially the movie business) should always involve alcohol. Or morphine.

Ooh look, I'm being blogged about again. The best part is that originally she blamed one of our actors for stalking her, and now she thinks it's me. The irony is that those who claim to be stalking are frequently those who stalk. But bonus points for link to review. (H/T to Anon. for the heads up!)

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