Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Future

Edward Jay Epstein writes a fascinating article about the risk that Netflix is taking in going into the online streaming business.
Remember last year when I blogged about the article on the 10 Brands That Will Disappear in 2010? Hmm... there are quite a few brands there which ain't disappeared.
For us the most important one is Blockbuster.
Now what would be interesting is if Netflix takes a bath now and Blockbuster comes back (only smaller). Very interesting. But I don't like to make predictions because (as the article above shows) predictions can be very unreliable.
Right now my business plan is that we absolutely must make three pictures this year. But firstly, I shall take a nap. But then -- three pictures.


daddy d said...

My prison movie is rad, and I am not above your improving it with cg robot hippos, or whatever you feel like putting in there.

My zombie movie is pure awesome.

My baloney has a first name. It's Ted.

Andrew Bellware said...

Your baloney has a second name, it's "Little Elvis".

joe said...

3 movies? puhhh-thttt! and to think i was going to make you my hero. sigh. 4 movies, you say? now you're talkin'! and Raut should be in at least half of them. i wonder if he could squeeze through the Earthkiller station corridors? did someone say prequel? hmmm...

Andrew Bellware said...

Oh feh! You come up with the script, Joe, and you edit it, and we'll do a fourth! ;-)