Thursday, December 23, 2010

I get the Big Dummy for Christmas award

So last night my dad kind of implied that I should open my present earlier than Christmas day -- like when we get to the hotel in Bedford. So I take a look at the box he's talking about and decide that it's exactly what I want.
And being that I'm sure the box contains exactly what I want I should run out and get frozen fruit and some orange juice and some rum -- mm especially if I can find that rum that Joe and Libby brought. So I got all that stuff (rum, OJ, and frozen fruit) and it survived relatively cool ride in the trunk and we brought the supplies in and I opened the present and it's the most awesome of the blenders there are. For Christmas! Early Christmas! It's big and smooth and easy to clean and has sexy blades which will blend your beautiful fruits.
I have fruit and a refrigerator in my suite. I have the awesome Oster blender which totally rocks.

But I left the alcohol in New Jersey.

(I got the same brand of rum that Joe and Libby got us this year. That was so tasty.)
So tonight was mixed drinks for the under 21 crowd of which there are only cats... sigh. I made smoothies sans alcohol. Yeah I bought the right stuff -- rum from St. Croix. But it's in my car in a cold parking lot. Back in NJ. Not 4 hours away in PA, where I am now.


My sister made some noises about getting us to a State Store tomorrow (Christmas Eve).

Notes on Future parties: more fruit more juice and also we should order sandwiches and such or at least get Chinese food.

This Oster blender is the party babay. Oh yeah. But tomorrow (after State Store) the above squompshous concoction will be a joy to the world. If I may.

We have to have 3 wrap parties in my apartment in the coming year. So I'm gettin' good at this mixin' berry drinks, let me tell you.

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