Sunday, December 05, 2010

Do You Like Too Much Compression?

If you do then I have some too much compression for you. Everything is compressed right to the edge of distortion.
As an excuse I'm saying I'm playing with Samplitude's compression and built-in effects. And actually, I am learning more about those things. The effects that come with Samplitude are really quite good. They went to a lot of trouble engineering them. They have some compressors which (if applied more tastefully than I've done here) sound nice.
Now you should note that there is a guitar missing, and a Hammond keyboard solo, and possibly a grand piano solo.
But I have questions. Questions which need must be answered afore I can go on.
  1. How many bars should this intro be?
  2. Should I get rid of the "ringing" in the bass at the beginning of the song?
  3. Is the vocal singing style right for this song?
  4. Is the vocal effect right for this song (meaning the band-limited sound, the delay)?
Answer me these questions four.

Update: the questions have been answered thuswise:

1. However many bars that was was fine.
2. Yes, lose the ringing.  It's just my muting incompetence showing through (editor's note, this was Ethan saying this).
3. I think it's in the ballpark, although that might not be the final take, or overdubs might be in order.
4. I like the vocal effects for the verses, perhaps a dryer sound for the chorus?  Or just different effects?

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