Sunday, January 25, 2009

Commentary Day

Today is take the parents out for Moroccan food day.

I am trying to read The Watchmen. I really cannot read comic books. There are sections of Watchmen which is simply prose and when I get to those my wee little brain is all "Oh thank the Lord." because I can get through it. And luckily for me, unlike the Battle Angel Alieta series, there isn't much action so I don't have that "What the hell is going on?" feeling as much. Still -- what the hell is going on?

I'll probably like the movie better. The premise is certainly quite on the cool side.

Reading comics for me is likely to be like what watching movies is for my dad. He just doesn't get them. He can go to plays. He can read epic poems. Ballet, concerts, no problem. Movies? He just can't figure them out. My stepmom and I took him with us to see The Sixth Sense once. The dinner conversation finally came to my dad asking "So wait, he was dead?"

For him, watching a movie is like watching fish in a fishbowl. Which of course, if he were watching The Dark Knight, it would be. Hee! See what I did there?

In any case, today is commentary day. Although I have to stay away from the studio because Maduka is finishing up visual effects and he thinks my visual effects works sucks.*

The image here is part of a theme which involves Miro and my next album but I'm not coherent enough about it yet to explain it.

*He's right.

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