Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Maduka is fixing up the end of the fourth reel of Alien Uprising. There's a little pacing thing he's taking care of to get us to the final act.

After that, he's going to add back a little unscripted bit where he loses his gun -- explaining why he doesn't have a gun later.

Hopefully, after those two alterations we'll be at the appropriate running time.

Then, while I am dealing with dialog, music, and effects, for act 4, Maduka will be creating any missing visual effects. If there is any time before the end of the month he might fix effects he isn't happy with.

At the same time I'll be dealing with any notes I've gotten back, and maybe we'll do a commentary track.


I just read the first sixty pages of Mac Rogers' Meat Planet. It's an awesome tale of zombies in the future. Let me tell you -- complications ensue. We need another 30 pages before we can start planning the shoot though.

I have no idea where we're going to shoot the movie.


I have the perma-cold people seem to have. Blah. The area under my nose is chapped. I'm getting some of that lotion-infused Kleenex.


Balabolka is the intuitively-named text-to-speech freeware app on the Windows platform.


For some reason Lisa Bonet kept coming up in conversation yesterday.

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