Sunday, January 04, 2009

Oh Come On...

I found these appalling instructions for getting After Effects to stop making that loud ringing sound when it finishes a render. Obviously it's vastly easier to do on a PC than a Mac. Still, wouldn't it be nice if the stupid sound were an option?

Mac Instructions:

  1. Copy your After Effects Application. If you mess up and you want to go back to the "prrrrllling", you will still have the original and won't have to reinstall AE.
  2. Export the sound file you want to use from Quicktime as a System 7 sound. Open this file with ResEdit, open the SND resources, copy the ID 9 resource. Get ResEdit here.
  3. Open your AE application copy.
  4. Find the SND resource and double click.
  5. Paste ( command-V) your new sound. Delete the original resource with ID 128.
  6. Get info on your new sound resource (highlight and command-I), rename something like "Rendering Completed - new", give it the ID 128. Click "purgeable". Save.
  7. Listen to your new sound by highlighting ID 128 and selecting "Try Sound" from the SND pulldown menu on the top of the screen.
  8. You can do the same with the "Baaaaa!" if you want. It's is located in the same folder.
  9. Make AE present a polite apology instead of the "Baaaaaa!". Download Quickspeech, to create any text file into a quicktime file using Speech Manager.

Windows Instructions:

By Frankie

AE will play the following files instead of the default .wav files if these files are placed in the \aftereffects\prefs directory.


I made mine silent wave files, so now I don't hear anything after a render is completed.

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