Monday, January 26, 2009


I don't usually blog about actual personal stuff. Blogging for me is a notebook -- a codex of all the stuff I find which I want to write down, but which is public.

But this is so important that I know there are some friends who haven't heard the good news. My dad has been suffering with esophageal cancer since August. But he's gone through chemo and radiation, and 12 days in the hospital for dehydration right around Thanksgiving, and has now been tested and tested again in the last week or so and is completely cancer-free.


The level of relief for our whole family has been tremendous.

So many people have been so supportive, so many friends who are going through similar things have been so helpful to talk to, and it's just so wonderful to have this news that I can't even write a coherent sentence about it.

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Andrew Bellware said...

There's no need to comment. I know. Thank you!