Wednesday, January 07, 2009

To Do When Sick

1. You can watch all of the episodes of The Prisoner on the interwebs.
2. You can take an ambien and write three pages of dialog which you don't remember the next morning.*
3. Nap frequently and purposefully.
4. Finish mixing reel 3 of Alien Uprising.
5. Read the Amazon reviews of Ari Brouillette (start with his review of The Secret).
6. Open a Spreadshirt shop.
7. Read R2D2's Twitter feed.
8. Stare endlessly at blank surfaces on walls and ceiling.
9. Wonder if between #3 and #8 you are slowly becoming the cat.**

*Indeed you are quite surprised to find you're up past page 10.
**You wonder if #2 is part of the cat-like behavior.

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