Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Posting More Redheads

A discussion about codecs. Well, a bit of instruction about codecs. Very relevant to my life. Right now.

Interestingly, I've kinda given up. We're just going to render out (export in Compressor) to DVCPro HD and to RS 422 (HQ) and see which we like better. We crash Final Cut way too much when we nest sequences within other sequences.

When I say "interestingly" what I mean is "not interesting at all."

I'm continuing to post redheads until I run out. I do it to anger the Commonwealth. This is America, dammit. Send us your oppressed redheads. We will love them for you.

This is a painting by the famous anti-semite Degas. Does "semite" have a capital "s"? Whenever anyone talks about the Dreyfus Affair I always think of Richard Dreyfus(s) and then logically about Jaws and how silly the shark looked when it ate Quinn and then I get all confused about French history and whether Amity Island is the same as the Amityville Horror and how could a shark get in the house anyway? And wait, the shark was Jewish? Are sharks even Kosher? Degas could paint but he was a bit of a jerktard. Understandably, this makes my head hurt and I have to lie down.


We now know how to reliably crash Final Cut Pro. Oh boy do we. Nowadays, all it takes is trying to render the timeline of the feature for more than about 30 minutes. We can get "The application Final Cut Pro unexpectedly quit" as well as just a freeze up. So we have to keep rendering in tiny pieces to rid us of the "red line". Thanks Apple!

Harptallica. Metallica covers on the harp.

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