Saturday, January 31, 2009

I Am The Supreme Dictator of the Planet Earth

These are my notes I made during the rehearsal run-through of Universal Robots. You are not interested in reading them. Other than to me, they make no sense whatsoever. Actually, now that I've re-read them, they don't really make all that much sense to me.

Universal Robots
Dvorak 8th

Up through atomic bomb
Add over One on 17
One: "Jo lingers" about 8 seconds
8 seconds seems to be bumper
Last gasp pf the 19th century - animation is 20 seconds

Land squids... With legs...

Radius animation is close to light lock

Act 1 music only during One and play-within-play-within-play
Act 2:
After nancy: scene change
I'm not putting my address on the envelope
Into Avatar program
He just needed more time (and over One)
I don't know about the next "One"/scene change into Jo embrace Radius scene.
Not feelin it for One over transition to hospital.
One resumes story on 86
The Supreme Director of the Earth on page 97
After Sela activates One speaks- music
Isn't Rossum a robot who killed the original Rossums? When she recreates Helena they get "all the icore you need."
10 long and fearful months - One speaks.
"Every year that we tell the story.." One speaks.
Can we say something about robots doing "essential things" in act 1?
Robot assembly line sound? From inside the prison. Not digging putting a sound there. It's going to get irritating but quick.
"When the prayer is concluded." One speaks.
Gunshot "a gunshot" stylized
Radius - "Why would a living creature take its own life?" He already told them to take him to the stamping mill.
"Our mother Josephene" One speaks 25 seconds.
I wish Miss Jo was slightly more immediately motivated to kill Radius. Perhaps he should be more dickish to her. Or have the "heart" speech after she stabs him.
"Robots lower their pants" - One speaks
"The world is yours" One. More than a minute. Not during prayer!
Then curtain call.

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