Thursday, January 29, 2009

You Shall Know the Truth in Hell

As it turns out, he will know the truth in Hell. It's Mario Bava.


Alien Uprising goes to the lab tomorrow for output to DigiBeta.

As per Chance Shirley, although I've rendered out some 29.97 files for output, I've found it'll only take a couple hours to render the same pan-and-scan that I built (with Tom Rowen's help)* at 23.98. The lab says that coming out of their Kona card it will look a bit better but few people will notice.

I'm sure they'll notice how fuzzy my image is (in standard def, blown up like that) first.

Finding out the difference between DVCPro and DVCPro50 was a pain. But I found out. And it's a big difference. We want DVCPro50.

The problem is: it's easier to output DVCPro50 at 29.97 than at 23.98 from Final Cut. This is because DVCPro50 is not a default codec for NTSC in the pull down menu when you go to export. Bleh. I bet the difference in the codec will make a much bigger difference than the difference in the frame rate.

You shall know the truth in Hell.


The Year Without Summer.


*I did the "Wow, painting this fence is lots of fun!" thing. He did most all of act 2. And he got to pan-and-scan his own face.

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