Tuesday, December 08, 2009


The Internets (specifically John August) complain more about Scriptshadow. My big complaint about Scriptshadow is that the reviews are shockingly naive and unsophisticated. If I had someone covering scripts for me who wrote the idiot 10th-grader fan-boy opinions Scriptshadow's reviewer's wrote, I'd fire them right away and replace them with someone who had even the slightest idea about screenplay structure and how movies actually get made.

But that's just me.

From Indy Film Chat, Bruce Frigeri discusses the price war between Amazon and WalMart.

Related fun fact: counter-intuitively, "price matching" (when a retailer will "match any advertised price") keeps prices higher because the retailer is telling other retailers that any price drops they make will be automatically matched, so it won't help them. Automatic price matching is kind of like the "nuclear option" of retailers.

Dropbox has 2GB free (like a lot of services). But hey, I have 19GB of "Documents" on my freakin' laptop. You can imagine how over-loaded with files we are on our editing/mixing/compositing machines. Maybe I need to set up a backup server.

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