Monday, December 28, 2009


Maduka Steady, all the way from Geneva, Switzerland, turned us onto this "cheap" version of the high-end "Chromatte" reflective chroma-key. When I say "cheap" I mean you can get one for under a thousand bucks. But it does look quite cool and would save you a lot of time and lighting for blue/green screen setups.

... are for a full system (1 ring, box, PSU + fabric), shipping is extra (charged at cost). UKP is the real cost, USD & Euro are approximate (check your exchange rates with Paypal):
A: Full body (same fabric and v.similar size used in the video):
System + Fabric A @ 2.10m x 1.80m (approx 7' x 6'):
£420 (~700 USD / 462 EU)

(think about it you need a floor piece as well - I might be able to add one)

B: Extra large:
System + Fabric B @ 3m x 2.6m (~9.8' x 8.5'):
£575 (~950 USD / 625 EU)

And this is hands-down the oiliest picture of me ever taken. Egads! I guess I'm getting ready for dinner on Christmas. Oh and yes, that's a toothbrush in my pocket. It's like I'm trying out for the new, American, Dr. Who.

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