Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How to Know When You're Done

So I ordered a camera package -- the Panasonic GH1 with two 16GB class 6 SD cards, spare battery, and a UV filter. I'm kind of thinking about getting the Indi Rails Pro DSLR SM mount but that thing ends up costing $400 with shipping and I might just stick with my Spiderbrace for a while. I could get the f1.7 20mm lens for $400.

Or, I could get this Hagstrom Select Swede Cherry Quilt Guitar. $400 is a good price for that but there's no way it's going to sound as good as my all - custom guitar or my Les Paul.

I'm on page 15 of "Day 2". If I do that 5 more times I'll have 90 pages.

"I" before "E" except after "C" or sounded like "A" as in "neighbor" and "weigh". Isn't that weird?

I've worked my way through most of our punch-list on Clonehunter. Every time I see the movie I think "eek! there's another thing I want to fix!"

I've been asked "How do you know when you're done?" Well basically:
1. The movie is due to be delivered. That means wherever you are when that time comes is "done".
2. I get tired of watching the movie over and over again. Plus, I'm lazy and don't want to do any more work.
3. My computer says "no". This, friends is actually the time we're done. My computer says "no" when it's just too far gone to fix stuff or make changes. This actually happens. There are a couple shots I can't fix because the computer just refuses to render out any changes. Simple shots too. That's when we know we're done.

Apparently the computer does not work for me. Rather, I work for it.

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