Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Why I Am Better Than You

It's because I already have my copy of Save the Cat Strikes Back. I ordered it within hours of it becoming available, baby! It's like having AC/DC tickets.

How on earth did I come up with that analogy?

Welcome to December. That means (for me) paying rent. Apparently to everyone.

Where Clonehunter is: I just finished the dialog edit on act 8. Whew.

Maduka placed and matted our inserts which we shot last week.

Now it's up to Ian to create the exteriors which go in the hoverbike chase and the "outside the window" shots.

And then there's some clean-up shots of electricity zapping from the cat, and some muzzle flashes, and impacts, a couple bits of smoke pouring from the barrel of a gun (I'm actually a bit proud of the shots I got of incense smoke in front of a bluescreen we shot last week) and similar little things.

Then it's a matter of matting those windows so we can see outside them and making the front and end titles. Whew. We figure there will be 24 front titles and that'll take 2 minutes of screentime.


Are you a subnormal? Via Coilhouse, The Bitch is Back, or: The Ayn Rand Asshole.

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