Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Square. You know, for credit cards.

Oh, and as per the FTC rules nowadays I gotta disclose all the amazing stuff I got for blogging. After blogging endlessly about Blake Snyder's Save the Cat (and buying a handful of copies) Blake actually sent me a copy of Save the Cat and Save the Cat Goes to the Movies.

Also, I got an awesome Pegamoose t-shirt.

But mostly I post pictures of Milla Jovovitch because she is absolutely and unquestioningly and madly in love with me. She just can't help it. I'm only admitting it now to avoid any trouble with the FTC.


Lindsay Stewart said...

I worked a scene with Milla in .45. She is even lovelier in person. Just saying.

Andrew Bellware said...

Yeah, she's lovely. But I have to keep my phone off the hook just to get any work done around here. Otherwise she just calls all the time! ;-)