Wednesday, December 16, 2009


So, Maduka is in Geneva (international fellow that he is, albeit now one with a US passport) and he foolishly left me with effects to finish. Ha! Here come the lens flares.

We're in mid-December and all I'm doing is going through and finding bluescreens and replacing them with whatever supposed to be there. Maduka did all the hard work with the set of bluescreens which weren't filmed properly (sorry!) but he didn't have the footage that went in the composition so all he did was carefully matte out the area through the windshield of the spaceship without the city beyond it. So I gotta slap those in and render them out.

We'll be sending out a press release (I hope today). And that's about how it's going in the old Pandora Machine.
I want a psychedelic dark paisley late 19th-century 3rd Hussars officer's jacket -- with tails. It turns out Winston Churchill was in the 3rd Hussars. Adam Ant wore a Hussars jacket (and it wasn't actually made for him but rather was from a 1968 Charge of the Light Brigade picture) but I don't want all the gold frou-frou he had (I think it was a different Hussar... division?) and I really think I should have tails.
I'm like a squirrel that way.

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