Thursday, December 03, 2009


If Pamplamoose really sold 20,000 downloads in one month that would be $20,000.

I'm posting this picture of cats because... well just because.


Lindsay Stewart said...

some months ago a friend emailed me a link to pomplamoose doing a cover song and it was swell. then he sent another. and another. aaaand another. then they started popping up all over the blogs. they've become something of a micro phenomenon and hey, more power to them. thing is, clever as they are, i find them a bit cloying and saccharine already. given my occasionally surly nature, i'm giving them about a month or maybe two before i snarl at the sight of them. they are the living definition of music with no edge whatsoever.

Andrew Bellware said...

I'm a bit behind the cutting edge when it comes to Pomplamoose videos. But I do think they're pretty interesting rhythmically -- they not altogether "edgeless". Check out the guy's solo stuff, it's more on the avant-weird tip. Of course, cloying and saccharine are sometimes just what the doctor ordered too. I'm not proud.