Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Born of Hope

So these people made an (almost) feature-length fan movie of Lord of the Rings.

Today's Script Tip by Bill Martell makes me actually want to see Rocky 6.
Looking at the chord progression of White Flag (the Dido song). Then I thought, maybe I should start a heavy-metal Rick Nowels cover band.

Which leads me quite logically to talk about color correction and my fear of it. For whatever reason, the big studios love a very radical look. And I, like seemingly most other indy filmmakers, am stupidly conservative about the look of my own films. I always say "But I kinda like the way it looks in camera" (in a whiny voice) at the beginning of the post-production process. And... I don't know why. (I also don't know why you'd disable embedding on a Madonna video that has a commercial in front of it.)
Big Hollywood pictures will frequently go to very extreme color-corrects. The movie will be blue, man. Or gold, or green, or whatever. And nowadays it's relatively cheap to do. Heck, you can get a DaVinci nowadays for a thousand bucks (plus the fancy-pants computer to run it, which you probably already have for editing.) But I always feel like it's just too much. For my own movies, that is. Not for the big-budget extravaganzas, which look great.
Now maybe it's because I look at the movie more than anyone else does and I just get bored with it looking one way or another and I start second-guessing it. Or maybe it's that I don't take enough time to get the look exactly right from shot-to-shot. Or maybe it's because there are just too many options and I can't decide on one because I've seen too many great and interesting looks for each frame of picture that I get all dithery.
But none of that is important right now. Right now I have to find a good engraved letter "T" for our Tyrannosaurus Mouse to sit upon.


Chance Shirley said...

71:24, I'd say that's feature-length. At least by old Disney animation standards. It really frustrates me to see this kind of effort put into a fan film. Why not create your own fantasy world/characters and make that movie? Does saying that mean I'm a mean-spirited bastard?

Unrelated--been watching some of the Video Copilot After Effects training. That stuff is unbelievable. I never thought I'd say this, but After Effects is starting to make sense to me.

Andrew Bellware said...

I always think of 84 minutes being the shortest a feature can be just because that's what Blockbuster expects.

And yeah, After Effects can actually make sense. Who'd a thunk it?

Kangas said...

I am not big on the new "Let's Magic Bullet Looks" everything color correction that seems to be awful popular right now.