Saturday, April 10, 2010

Funniest Conversation

So this week I spent time with my parents in Princeton. And here's the best conversation with my dad when his hearing aids weren't in:

The story starts with me going grocery shopping for my parents. My dad was staying home with the cats to play Sudoku and my stepmom was going out with friends to the theater.

So I go to the grocery store and get pineapple and orange juice and kitty litter, etc. I come back and I think "Ooh, Iona" (my stepmom) "told me there was vodka. I could have SCREWDRIVERS! Wahoo!" It's about 10pm. I'm happily mixing the orange juice I just got with the vodka and drinking it like punch (it's really tasty) and dad is working out some Sudoku (which he really loves doing) and the cats are doing whatever cats do at 10pm and then dad gets a telephone call.

It's Iona. They're stranded at the theater for some reason and need someone to go pick them up. Dad is sort of shouting back and forth into the telephone (he's taken out his hearing aids) and turns to me and says "Can you go pick them up?"

"I just had a screwdriver."*


"A screwdriver. I just drank one."

My dad scrunches up his face in that What in the world are you talking about, boy? -- look.

"Why are you talking about tools? Iona needs a ride from the theater?"

"I'M DRUNK!" I shouted.

The look of dawning realization passes across his face.

"Oh. Oh, a screwdriver. You drank one."

This has been amusing me to no end for the past three days.

*Now please note that yes, I am a lightweight but I made a big glass of 50/50 vodka and OJ and drank it down in pretty short order. And for once I (by coincidence) have an appropriate cartoon.

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