Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Youth, They Look Up to Me

You know me, I have my fingers firmly on the pulse of the zeitgeist in America.

It went from 1967 "There's gonna be a revolution" to 1977 "The revolution is dead" to 1987 "We have to be overly serious if we want real change" to 1997 "You know, some things are just so freakin' absurd we just have to make fun of them.

Of course, the geists overlap and here's a perfect example of it happening. It's from here but I don't know who took the pic.

Oh and, all your dreams are dead. Totally ironic 2000's right there.

Tyrannosaurus Mouse had another rehearsal. For some reason my Sound Devices 702 was being a real pain in the tuchus. Maybe it was just a low battery on the thing but it was metering very strangely and the recording is distorted. I rebooted it but no progress. I suspect low battery. I updated the firmware and will try at our next rehearsal to see if it's OK.

These pieces are unlistenable to civilians. The only purpose they have is as a "proof of concept" as I added badly-played Hammond (fake) organ and mixed it into the rehearsal recording.

Bandcamp is very cool.

<a href="">mouses shuffle with organ by Tyrannosaurus Mouse</a>

<a href="">Mouse's Tail rehearsal by Tyrannosaurus Mouse</a>

<a href="">softly rehearsal with B3 by Tyrannosaurus Mouse</a>

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